Just for KIDS!

Enjoy these links to great science sites that we have used in my science lab! Lisa (updated 2019)

Acids and Bases: Check out the Alien Juice Bar! Learn all about pH and Chemistry.

AnimalsARKive – the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered species
Wild Finder–Find Maps and photos of your favorite animals

Animation: Learn to make Stop Action Animation. Use this great site developed at Tufts University especially for K-12 students.

BiomesBeautiful Biomes
Biomes and Ecosystems 
GAMES: Ocean Animals,  Food ChainsForest AnimalsGrassland Animals,African River AnimalsBackyard Animals,
Ocean Homes Discovery Game: check it out! 
Wild Wetlands from Engaging Science
What a Mouthful: all about Fish!
Ecosystems info from LACOE

BODY: learn about yourself with Slim Goodbody!

Brain: Learn more about your BRAIN WORKS !

Cells: Learn all about CELLS in this great game: CellCraft Shared with me by Evan E. from Los Angeles, CA. See inside a cell.

CircuitsCheck out all the levels of this circuit builder!

Make your own ComicsSend me your favorites!http://www.comicmaster.org.uk/

Cultures and Neighborhoods Game for Make Believe (K-2): Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood 

Detectives: Check out these Case Files!


Earth Day: Act like a secret agent and learn to save our planet! Click here!
Green Power Girl and the Green Power Heroes sent from Mother Nature to empower humans with clean green power. Join GPG, Jah Wind Power, Marina Del Ray, Mercury Man and Buddy Biomass as they battle the Fossil fools!
Help our Earth by learning more about plants in the Great Plant Escape!
Join the Lorax to help protect the Environment!
Baobab Planet: build a tree house among the branches of a planet shaped like a baobab tree. Recommended by National Science Teachers Association. Parent site:  for parents and teachers to set specific missions for your child.
Recycling Game: Can you get the bottles and cans across the road to be recycled?

More Earth Science:


Energy Quest: Check out all the parts of this incredible website!

EgyptThe Mummy Maker! Make your own Mummy!

Energy: how will you run your city? Check out Energyville! My students love this game and we have created over 1200 cities. Learn about all types of energy and power a city in 2012 and 2030.

Flight Science Games from NASA!

Forces: This BBC site will help you to learn about Forces in Action! Also check out this game about friction and different track surfaces. Build houses out of gumdrops and toothpicks and draw your creation on this architect gumdrop paper.
Forces and MotionTEAMS site from LACOE 

Force and Gravity: This is a great virtual lab with objects you can drop on different planets!

Genetics (for 6th grade and up!): DNA virtual extraction lab from Learn. Genetics.
Mate your Things!!(grade 6 and up!) Choose your Thing, nurture your Thing, then take the mating challenge and breed new Things in THINGDOM.

Healthy Bodies fight off Infection: In this game you can BE the VIRUS! Try not to get eaten by a white blood cell! Play here. Infect, Evolve, Defeat!

HEARTA song and the lyrics to learn all about this important muscle!
Learn about your Heart with the Franklin Institute.

Human Body: Help Arnold get all his organs back in his body.
I use this site for both our Kindergarten and Fifth grade Human Body units! Everyone loves to put Arnold back together.
Body Book and Quiz by a class in Vermont. Great reading!

Body BrowserBody Browser gives you a 360 degree view of the human body. You can turn on layers to see bones, muscles, organs, and the nervous system. You can turn on all the layers at the same time and alter the transparency of each layer. Turn on labels to have labels appear each time you click on a part of the body. For example, if I have the bones layer turned on along with the labels, when I click on a bone a label will appear. Watch this video to see the Google Body Browser in use.

Immune System Defender: In this game you have to save the body from the invading splinter germs (from the Nobel Prize site!)

Inside my Body: See how your Healthy Body WORKS!
Has an extra machine type effect to show you the INSIDES of your BODY!

Life Cycles:
The life cycle of a turtle, video: World Wildlife Fund
Laying eggs on Land: Turtle Video
Turtles hatching out of eggs in the sand.
Sea Turtle Swimming
The life cycle of the turtle: Info Sheet
Video of swimming with Green Sea Turtle
From LACOE lots of Lifecycles 

The Lorax: Who speaks for the TREES~ Information and Games

MOON and its phases: A game! 

Map Games:http://www.mywonderfulworld.org/toolsforadventure/games/gis.html

Math GamesNumber Family Tubs and Tanagrams

Multiple Intelligences for Kids:

Nutrition Games:
1st & 2nd Grade: Lil D’s Four games about food. Which is your favorite?
3rd Grade: Arianna’s Nutrition Expedition. Did you find all the foods in Food Force One? I like all the countries that you go to!
Where does your food come from? 
Food Games: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/food/ Click on FUN PLACE! for games and matching!
Fruit and Veggie Color Champions! with Food Champs: Healthy Choices Maze;Find the Fruits and VeggiesMatch Fruits & Veggies;  Farm to Fork

PERIODIC TABLEPeriodic Table of Comic Books
Check out this interactive information (Grade 5 and up).

The Physics Classroom:

RIZK: The Game–In a world not too different from our own a Plant lies sleeping…can you manage the threats to its survival?

ROCK CYCLE: Check out this interactive information about the Rock Cycle. (4th grade and up)

Researching for a project? Information you can trust!
Use this site to make a great graph: Create a Graph!

Science Fair: Check out Science Buddies and Science for Kids from NZ!

Science: Literacy and Math Projects: Science4Us! for K-2

Sid the Science Kid: PBS Games

Simple Machines: Find all the simple machines in the house.
I love using this site in 2nd grade science class.
This site was sent to me by Christopher, 8 years old from Pennsylvania.
If you get stuck in any room, email me for a hint (on the side there is a contact us link). Christopher helped me find all ten machines in each room! Thanks so much Christopher!
MORE simple machines from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Help Twitch to complete his tasks.

Sea Otters: Learn all about Sea Otters with Monterey Bay Aquarium. And create your own sea otter origami!

Space Games from NASA! More Games for Kids from NASA!
From BBC Science all about Space! Create your own: Extreme Planet Makeover. Kids Games and Activities from JPL!

NASA: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/

more space: http://eyes.nasa.gov

Space School Musical: http://discovery.nasa.gov/musical/index.cfml

STAR WHEEL: Make your own map of the stars! I love searching for constellations!

Video Games: Make your own with YoYo Games! Try it out! 

Water: Great new game about the Water Cycle…check it out!

Be a water Detective: Do you use water wisely? 

Riding the Wind with Kalani
Tree House Weather Kids

Stay Safe in a Storm: Thanks to Beth Mason.

So many of my students have helped to add great sites to this page. I hope you will send me your favorites! I will add them here. Click this link to email me.

Thank you for helping make science GREAT!